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Discover the MAC – Overview Section

For those new to the page wanting to understand what is the MAC – this post is for you!

In short description

Discover the MAC seeks to explore each element encompassing the MAC and illustrate the cross-functional relationships which exist between them.
In order for all my readers to be on the same page, I have created a section called The MAC that  includes 3
sub-pages – each providing a brief overview of one of the elements of the MAC.  🙂
Me & One of my Best Friends from UPenn....aka...The Quaker, our Mascot :)

Me & One of my Best Friends from UPenn….aka…The Quaker, our Mascot 🙂 Fall 2012

Let’s continue to *Spark the Conversation* Together ~ I love to read your comments/thoughts on the topics
being discussed so as always say what’s on your mind and let’s talk about it!
~ Miss AJ

Do You Know Demographics?

Let’s Spark the Conversation on Millennials!

Think you know the demographics?

Well before I share my knowledge on the subject I want to hear from you!

Choose which you believe to be most accurate.

I would love to hear your reasons for your selections so definitely leave a comment below.

I look forward to sharing the results and getting more in depth on this topic!

~ Miss AJ


Hello World!

Welcome to Discover the MAC!

Discover the MAC seeks to explore each element

encompassing the “MAC” and illustrate the cross-functional relationships

which exist between them. The “MAC” is an acronym I’ve created which equates to

MILLENNIALS + Marketing ANALYTICS + Multicultural CONSUMERS. Cute right? Honestly it’s just a way 

for me to share my knowledge and explore 3 very important topics I’ll touch on later.

But for now….

Introductions 🙂

2014-05-13 19.14.56-1

Hi, I’m Amanda!

This blog originally started out

as a project for my graduate program,


given my passions I have decided to continue it

in the hopes of educating and connecting with like minded individuals 😀

I am enrolled in the Masters of Science in

International Marketing Management as well as the Database & Business Intelligence

Graduate Certificate Programs. According to Gartner Research, “By 2017, Chief Marketing Officers

will spend more on information technology than their counterpart Chief Information Officers.”

While my passion for marketing and understanding consumer behavior sparked long before the

technology boom, I am hopeful that my education at BU will prepare me for the next wave of

marketing-technology integrated roles as I continue to develop my career.

Plus….have you heard of BIG DATA?! 

The ability to :

* Create Journey Maps

* Harness Voice of the Customer

* Illustrate the Customer Experience

(just to name a few) through use of data

provides a whole new opportunity for marketers alike and

thus the role of Marketing ANALYTICS will continue to evolve in

importance so why not spark the conversation???

Before I Go

I should probably explain


Multicultural CONSUMERS

fit into the equation.


Left: Viacom Headquarters in the Heart of Times Square  
Right: My Old Desk with Chris Brown as Inspiration (before the craziness)


During my sophomore year of undergrad, I interned at Black Entertainment Television Networks

in the consumer insights dept.  For my final project, I built a comprehensive model of the

African American Millennial experience using GFK’s MEMRI proprietary software.

As I analyzed the data I saw my younger self revealed – from media

consumption to personal beliefs/attitudes to brands I’d be

most likely to buy, It fascinated me! During this

time I was also able to dive into research

on the hispanic consumer.

According to Nielsen


buying power


expected to

reach $1.1 trillion by 2015.

Hmm..I wonder what the numbers are now?

Millennials now account for 24% of the U.S. population

and will be increasing entering and altering the

workforce and economy. Just some

food for thought…

Both MILLENNIALS and Multicultural CONSUMERS

will become game changers in the economy over the next few years and

as someone who falls ino both buckets, who better to spark the conversation about it?

Thanks for stopping by.

 I look forward to a great semester with you all 😀

If you desire to Discover the MAC, definitely click subscribe above!

~ Miss AJ

Random Fact….My 1st day as an intern at BET, I saw Chris Brown coming out of an elevator…my boss gave me permission to chase him down…talk about professionalism & making a good first impression!

2014-03-14 22.28.21

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