About Miss AJ

About Miss AJ

Just a Multicultural Millennial who’s excited about the power of Marketing Analytics in our increasingly connected and ever-changing world.

Quick Summary:

African American Millennial (in the 20s) 

♦ Passionate about Marketing ~ specifically drivers of Consumer Behavior

♦ Originally from Upstate NY ~ Middle Class Family

♦ Working in Corporate America

♦ Dance is Life

♦ Sports ❤ : Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Football

♦ Enjoys Traveling Around the World


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi….Soooo beautiful


Discover the MAC seeks to explore each element encompassing the “MAC” and illustrate the cross-functional relationships which exist between them.


  1. Amanda,
    You are amazing! Such an intelligent and driven person at such a young age. You will go far and exceed in everything you do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight!

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  2. Wow! Amanda! I enjoyed reading every detail information on your blog page. Your page is indicative of your marketing background. I admire your courage to be the trialblazer in your family and you have done well thus far. Your life story is so inspirational.
    I will love to visit the middle east countries in the future, the mosque in the background looks very huge.
    Welcome to class and I look forward to a fruitful exchange of knowledge. Have a great weekend!


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  3. Hi, Amanda.

    Your blog is awesome and really comprehensive. I also like the your use of polling and analysis. Big data is moving all of us (public and private sectors) to a new world of increased risk and never ending possibilities. It’s great and scary all at the same time. We need people like you to make sure the right data is getting used in the right way. Good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing about you, your experience and your family. I really enjoyed it. I hope to learn more about you throughout the class.
    All the best to you,

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