Girl, Do You Really Need That Masters?

Interesting post on decisions millennials make today in reference to the grad school admissions process.

Check it out and let’s spark the conversation!

Applying While Black

There’s mad hype around getting multiple degrees to complement or supplement a JD or MBA. It’s tempting: Why not apply to all the programs your heart desires? Pile ‘em on! What is there to lose?! Well, actually, a lot.

As someone who’s in the middle of a joint degree program, I can attest to the challenges: money, time, logistics of moving and relocating between programs, scheduling conflict, loss of leadership opportunities. Adding a degree will do nothing for you if you don’t have: (1) a clear vision for its use, (2) degrees that can operationalize into a job/networks/region that the other degree cannot, and (3) a clear understanding of which of the two is the core degree (more on what that means in a second).

I don’t say all of this to discourage anyone from pursuing a joint degree program. Not at all. I can’t talk seeing as how I’m…

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