A Passion for Consumer Behavior

Since one of the topics we will be discussing focuses on the relationship between marketing and analytics, I thought I would share how I got involved with marketing in the first place. I sort of laugh about it when I look back on it now 😀


The Langhorne Family ❤

As an African-American first generation college student and oldest of three siblings, success was never an option. Education was always viewed as a necessity to create opportunities for a better future in our house. Being the oldest in the family, I instinctively became a role model for my younger brothers and that drove my internal wish for success. As I continued to grow and excel in the classroom my accomplishments and potential served as a beacon of hope for the rest of the family and in what the Langhorne name could one day mean to society. Although I was on the right path in life, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grow up, but in middle school that all started to change. 


At the age of twelve, I began watching Zumba Fitness and Magic Bullet infomercials. The idea that a thirty minute product spotlight could influence my buying behavior fascinated me, and yes, I did eventually end up buying both products years later. Between the first viewings on TV and buying the real products, I analyzed the content of the infomercials. I wanted comprehend the decisions behind them – the actors chosen, the features highlighted, and even the times when the infomercials aired – hopefully to learn why they sparked my interest.


Highschool Graduation

It wasn’t until high school when I took a personality profile test, which revealed Marketing Manager as my perfect career match, that it all became clear. Initially unsure of what the role entailed and the skills required, I researched the position and learned that Marketing Managers possessed key strengths such as leadership, strategic thinking, creativity, project management, and excellent communication and analytical capabilities. These were qualities I admired and sought to develop and as a result I have pursued the role since. Overtime, my passion for marketing, my desire to understand consumer behavior and my goal to become the mastermind influencing that behavior has grown through my different internships, classes taken during my undergraduate career at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and my own personal experiences as a consumer. Needless to say, I’ve been pursuing marketing ever since 😉

~ Miss AJ


Thanksgiving 2012



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  1. What a great way to pull people in by teaching them something interesting. Great job~
    Nikki Martin

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